WHAT: Boxy Japanese Toyota vans

WHY THE GUILT?: Somehow Toyota’s minivans from the 80s look awesome in Japan or even the USA. In Europe though, they always seem like an embarrassing choice. The sort of vehicle someone who can’t afford a VW might buy or who has fifteen kids they need to shuffle around. Never a good look.

WHERE’S THE PLEASURE?: You could spend £10,000 on a pretty average VW bus… and still find it’s rotten as hell and looks like every other VW on a Run to the Sun. Rock a slammed Toyota Spacecruiser though and you’re standing out. You might even be quicker and more reliable too (although we have no direct experience to base that on). Ultimately though, the lines of these vans look just right, with brilliant 80s design details thrown in for good measure. This is the future…or it was back in the late 70s when Toyota’s designers were penciling the new car of the people. They even did 4×4 versions!





And even the newer ones can rock…



Hell, while we’re at it, might aswell ‘fess up about out Previa/Estima love too. I mean, who can’t dig this…


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