Street Shots



Out on the streets of the UAE you’ll see all manner of cool and unusual cars. Street shots capture just the surface…but that’s not too unpleasant!

From a relatively standard Mustang…


…to this matte blue Dodge, muscle cars are big news. The Dodge rumbled around an underground car park for some time looking for a space and sounded superb.



If you want big V8 muscle cars, a Corvette is probably one of the best-looking ways to go.


But you can’t beat a Porsche, as the Chevy below found out.


Supercars happen in Abu Dhabi, but Dubai seems to be a breeding ground for them. A Ferrari California just parked amongst the usual 4x4s in an underground car park:


But one of the coolest things spotted while out and about was this RX-7 in a sleepy residential area of Abu Dhabi. Obviously a work-in-progress, with no engine installed, but here’s hoping the owner is waiting to find a nice Chevy LS V8 to turn up…there’s plenty of them out here after all!


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