There’s an old saying that goes; “If you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one you’re with!”

This is normally used by men when their wives or girlfriends are away to justify infidelity. Not cool. But when it comes to cars…maybe there’s something to be said for this philosophy.

Normally muscle cars, 4x4s, automatics and supercars seem either too juicy, too annoying or just too darn expensive. That’s a UK perspective anyway. In the UK and across much of Europe it’s about hot hatchbacks, powerful diesels in mid-size cars or four- and six-cylinder engines, often with turbos if we’re talking Jap imports. Everything else seems inefficient and, quite frankly, a bit pointless and unloveable.


Ugly and ridiculous…but starting to look tempting

But a recent move to the Middle East for one half of speed-blur starts to make you question this thinking. When you can fill up a small hatchback for less than £10 (or around €11.7 or $15.5) big V8 engines start looking acceptable. With wide roads and a lack of twisty country lanes, manual gearboxes don’t seem quite so significant…especially when you’re stopped at traffic lights for 50 per cent of a journey. And if everybody else is driving huge 4x4s you start thinking “why not?”


In the UK the Fiesta wins, in the UAE muscle cars seem a no-brainer

If you can’t be with the cars you love at home, how about trying to love the cars that you’re with now. It might be the way forward.

Even supercars start seeming a bit normal, especially when you can pull up to a supermarket and see a McLaren MP4-12C just popping in for some groceries.


McLaren MP4-12C at the supermarket. That happens.

The perfect example of the way you can quickly change your thinking is a car in the apartment’s parking lot – a Chevrolet Lumina SS coupe. Apparently these run a 5.8-litre V8 as used in Corvettes and a 4-speed auto box. Elsewhere they’re also known as Monaros. UK thinking says – too thirsty for petrol, not quick enough compared to an Impreza or similar, far too boat-like to rival a BMW (the closest rear-wheel drive equivalent) and a boring automatic.


UK – no. Abu Dhabi – hell yeah!

Abu Dhabi thinking, however, says – filling it up isn’t a problem, it’s still rear wheel drive, would sound great and the auto box is perfect for leaving traffic lights and slugging about town. Is the next step really going to be wanting a white 4×4 Nissan off-roader with 1000bhp! If it’s time to love the cars you’re with if you can’t be with the cars you love…then just maybe.

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