Neighbourhood Watch



A rumble can occasionally be heard from here. Smooth and low, it burbles for a few minutes and then it changes. First gear is engaged the revs pick up and past the window drives an immaculate Sierra Cosworth RS500. Seriously, it’s mint. Being new to the area I’ve not met the owner yet, but it’s crossed my mind that next time I hear it fire up I should go and introduce myself. It might be weird, but being a car nut too I’m presuming he’d be happy to have a chat with a neighbour about his pride and joy. I would if similar ever happened to me (I’d need to sort out my cars a bit first though!)

It also had me thinking about the other cars near me that look ‘enthusiast owned’. In a radius of about a mile there’s a bright yellow R33 Skyline GTS-t, loud Impreza, Lotus Elise and a tidy classic Mini Cooper. I’m often seeing a Maserati Granturismo, Mk1 Focus RS, orange modified S13, Clio V6 and immaculate, tuned S14 driving past too. And the other day I even saw a yellow Ford Anglia and a Mk1 Escort, both caged and looking show-bound. If I wasn’t about to leave the country to live abroad for a while, I’d be thinking about starting some kind of local car club!

Maybe this depth of car love isn’t unique though. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve moved to a busier and denser area. But do you know what cars live near you? It might be geeky to pay attention to these things, but it’s nice to know you may have at least a few fellow petrolheads living nearby.


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