When you get to a certain age you start giving up on the idea that somebody may give you a GT-R or Ferrari for your birthday. Instead you revel in the small and thoughtful gifts from close friends and family…and cake. Cake isn’t really on the daily menu of your average male adult and is unlikely to have been even a regular occurrence since the days of party bags and kids parties. You basically need to have your own kid just to get back into cake world outside of your own birthday.

So, with that in mind, your birthday cake should be special. The sponge soft and light, the jam and cream delicious, the icing sugar expertly applied…and the shape; very much car-like.

If your special day is coming up soon, perhaps it might be wise to e-mail a link to this page to your gran, your mum, your wife/girlfriend…even your best mate if he’s handy in the kitchen. You know, just to show how impressive these tasty motors are:


Very impressive Celica GT-4 baking…not sure about the starfish though


A classic Herbie cake. Wonder if it’s ‘bananas’ cake


Looks like 22B rally car to us…and a chocolate log?


Another Impreza, perhaps a replica of the birthday boy/girl’s racer


Beautifully crafted MGB. Wire wheels must be tricky


BMW MMMMMM-sport. Yummy!


VW Golf? What’s the betting Tom won’t get a slice!


Lotus D-elise-ious


Awesome on so many levels…and in so many decades

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