A Monday Pick Up



To kick van week off, and indeed Monday morning off, how about these beauties. Not strictly vans but certainly under the ‘commercial vehicle’ banner, they’re all examples of people being very awesome by ripping out under-powered petrol or clunky diesel engines out and replacing them with a whole lot of goodness.

Let’s start with some SR20 power in a Nissan pick-up, doing exactly what you’d expect it to do.


For even more oomph you may prefer an RB20DET single turbo conversion

rb26 pickup

Now, the Subaru Brat isn’t exactly a daily vision on the UK’s roads (unless you own one probably), but we wouldn’t mind seeing more of them like this…with a full WRX swap

Tim-Starling-wrx brat-V4-ECU

We’d positively love to see more like this though, rocking the STI lump!


We recall a build thread on a Quattro TDI converted VW Caddy pick-up, which was awesome. But this 1.8 20V turbo Caddy is a sweet little project

20vt caddy2

20vt caddy

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch it, there’s a Supra 2JZ powered Toyota Hi-Lux that hits Santa Pod from time to time, fully jacked-up still and setting some impressive times. This Supra-powered Hi-Lux comes from an earlier era with a different kind of vibe, but rocks equally as hard.


The Sierra-based P100 has been a long-time guilty pleasure here and we still get a bit giddy when we see one with Cosworth bumpers on. This example looks like it’s running the Cosworth V6, not the most powerful engine, but in this set-up it helps make it look an ideal prospect for daily hauling

p100 v6

This, however, looks like it might be a whole different proposition. We don’t know what engine it’s running, but judging by what looks like a rollcage inside, we’re just going to pretend it’s a 500bhp Cosworth YB for now.


Now, if you don’t haven’t already thought about opening up eBay and searching for bargain or engine swapped pick-ups then you’re considerably stronger in self-control than us. Otherwise, we’ll race you to it…see you on eBay!

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