Rats And Beetles




I’ve been meaning to take a couple of phone snaps of this car for a while and, as you may have guessed, I finally got around to it. Most days I see it in the work car park, the guy who owns it using it in all sorts of weather…including snow. Now, the uninitiated might wonder why there’s any question of using it in crappy weather, because quite frankly being at all precious with a car covered in rust seems rather counter-intuitive.

However, I’ve had a few brief chats with the owner (including one time I gave his Beetle a bump start) and he’s quite proud of it. And I don’t blame him. I’m not always a fan of this rat-look – which was inspired by hot rodders who would stick kick-ass motors in beaten up shells and has since been adopted primarily by the VW lot – but when it works, it really works. And the fact he does all the graft on it himself is a particular reason for him to be proud… and a reason he might be a bit more careful with it.


He’s added loads of cool touches all over the car, like that flying wings mascot on the bonnet and the splashes of very sweet black and white graffiti.


The graffiti was done by the boyfriend of a girl he works with and I absolutely love it. There’s just enough of it to be cool too…much more and it might be a bit over-the-top. This sort of thing is one of the beautiful aspects of rat-look cars; you can try something out and if it doesn’t work just through some primer over it and try something else. Kind of like an ever-changing, automotive canvas for creativity.

Something else I really like is the mentally excessive welds on the rain gutters.


And obligatory window full of stickers /roof rack combo is always a winner on a car like this.


Actually, the more you look at it the more things you notice. That period spot light on the front, crazy aerial, oh, and baby seats in the back are just perfect pieces of the puzzle, so much so you almost miss the fact it’s slammed to ant-worrying levels.

Some people won’t like this or appreciate it, and the owner knows that. But does he care? Probably not, after all why would he? His car, his style, his enjoyment. And anyway, it has at least one fan…which is why I felt compelled to share the pictures.

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