High Five 70s Ads

HIGH 5: 70’s ADS |

HIGH 5: 70’s ADS

The 1970s. Flower power was being firmly squashed under the disco boots of moustached men. Medallions and strong aftershave were selling like hot cakes and girls everywhere were gagging for moments of lust with men who owned new cars.

This may not be true of course, but it’s way more fun to pretend it is. In an age of political correctness taking any amount of fun or sauciness out of things, a look back at the blatantly sexist car and parts ads of the era is the sort of nostalgia we like. Check out these five examples of high brow 1970s advertising.

1. Rolls Royce have nothing on this bonnet accessory. All kinds of class.


2. A more subtle hint of smut…apart from the skimpy bikini obviously.


3. Five beautiful things you can do to improve your car for 85p. That doesn’t even make sense. And it’s a terrible pun… wonder if they’ve got change for a quid.


4. Even Subaru were getting in on the act. This little extract is like a precursor to ’50 Shades of Grey’, but for car guys. Please, please can any car manufacturer have the balls to try this now!


1. Nipples.


And it wasn’t just the adverts. Car manufacturers weren’t shy about taking a saucy publicity shot or two. Soft porn mag/car manufacturer… sadly it’s unlikely to ever happen again.


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