Awesome Renders



Ever tried to get to sleep but couldn’t stop thinking about all the mods you want to do to your car? It can drive you crazy, especially if you’re trying to figure out what an external modification would look like. So imagine being a Photoshop maestro like the clever mouse maulers who created these pictures. You could make those thoughts a virtual reality and make a stunning picture in the process. How they do these is a mystery, but my word they’re impressive…if not a little mental.

First up, how about a Toyota Supra in some kind of battle-spec mode.


And how about a slammed orange GT-R with a roof box?


This MR2 is a looker, but the real question is; how did they make it look wet still?


This was the picture that led us to the others. If Subaru built a BRZ as tough-looking as this (and with a turbo) we’d be in the queue for one.


A matte black M3 isn’t a new thing, but the execution of this one is flawless


And don’t be thinking supercars escape the attention of these master renderers. A Ferrari 458 Italia given a serious work-over



If you want to see more of these then head to The artists who created these pics all have their signatures on their images, so if there’s one artist you like why not go and find some more of their work. We will be.

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